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How to delete few Messages after fetch them from Imap4Client?

Apr 8, 2013 at 8:46 AM

Im'm fetching collection of messages with Fetch.MessageObject(n) where argument is messageOrdinal.

I wonder a scenario:
I download content of messages. Another user delete one of them. I want to delete all messages after parsing them. So need to call DeleteMessage(int messageOrdinal, bool expunge);

Is messageOrdinal for fetched mail and mail that has to be deleted will be the same? If one of them has been deleted is there some shift with pointer? Maybe if messageOrdinal for fetching is used for deleting and another user delete one of messages so next after last that will be deleted?

Do I need to search every messages before removing it first? But How? Dose fetched messages has uncial property in header that should be used for searching?

Best Regards
Przemysław Staniszewski