Imap Select MailBox Issue

Hi there, When I try to select a folder which contains turkish character it returns me an error. string folderName = "[Gmail]/Yıldızlı"; Mailbox inbox = imap.SelectMailbox(folderName);...

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Mail Search Query String Help

Hello and thanks for your product's I use your mail component product and all things is ok I can search mail by ALL ,UNSEEN ,SENTSINCE but I want to search by Sender, Subject please help me Thank...

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How to run the mailsystem project

Hi, Im new to the mailsystem project and would like to run the entire project to see what it looks like, but im unable to figure out how its done, i downloaded the binaries and the latest release, ...

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Error in ParseTrace on Received Header

ParseTrace contains a regular expression to pull the source system from the input header. if the domain contains from, by, via, with, for or id it will fail to correctly parse the domain name. T...

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Incorrect parsing of NDR .EML files in which another message is attached.

When parsing an NDF which include the original message attached, there is a problem with the parser. The attached message is placed BOTH into SubMessages and UnknownDispositionMimeParts. This cause...

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Imap4Client property IsConnected returns true even when exception is thrown during connection

When I use the code below to connect and the exception "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure" is throw the client.IsConnected property still returns true. The exc...

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Possible issua about how Send* are implemented

I've checked the code and almost any call to the smtp client may raise an exception. __So why leave the dirty job to the GC, why not wrap new SmtpClient() inside an using block. In case of failure ...

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Problems with special characters

Hi, The libray does not work with special characters in requests. That means that all the requests for languages like French, German and so on may crash or give no results regarding the mail serv...

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Serialization of MailBoxCollection,Headers, Messages

i am trying to store the MailBoxCollection,Headers, MessageCollection to some file on my PC so next time when i use my app i can load it directly and increase the performance[fetching these things ...

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Attachment without file name.

Hi, Sometimes I receive attachment with empty file name. Is there any solution on this issue. i'm using version 5.0. Has it been resoloved in new releases?

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